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ophogen van zinkende vloerplaten en verzakte vloeren

Sinking concrete plates?
Don’t replace it, raise it!

Vloerverhoging: sneller, schoner en makkelijker

Concrete raising: faster, cleaner, easier than replacement

 Grondstabilisatie is de helft goedkoper dan vervanging

Concrete raising is ½ the cost of replacement.

Onmiddellijk gebruiksklaar

Ready to use immediately

Stabilize and restore floors and walls

Concrete problems usually have an underlying problem that develops slowly over the years. We help you recognize concrete problems at an early stage and work with you to find a solution before the problem escalates.

Through slab lifting or deep foam injection, we stabilize and repair sinking floors, foundations and cracked walls. We elevate concrete slabs and fill voids so structures do not need to be replaced. In a few hours the concrete is ready to use again, saving you time and money.
Slab lifting and deep foam injection can be used in residential, commercial and highway projects. 

Verzakte vloeren oplossen


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