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reiniging en herstelling


In addition to slab lifting, deep foamjection and soil binder, we offer you an extra service: repair of cracks in masonry and wooden beam heads. Be sure to contact us and we will look at the possibilities together.

Repairing cracks in masonry.
A wall is strongest when it works in one piece. That is why we repair the cracks and make it a whole again.
This is to create an equal load and to prevent further cracking.
The same goes for floors. We seal and anchor joints in such a way that it can work as a whole again.

For cracks in concrete floors, we apply a coating to your existing floor, if desired.

The restoration of wooden beam heads.
We investigate the condition of the wooden beams in terms of both effect and cause. We will then discuss the results of the research and provide you with a clear quote. Once approved, we draw up a repair plan.

How do we proceed?

  • Remove affected wood

  • Drilling holes in the healthy wood

  • Gluing the reinforcement

  • Making provisional or final formwork

  • Casting the beam head with an epoxy resin

  • After the epoxy resin has cured, the construction can be loaded again.


We are also happy to assist you in cleaning various surfaces. Depending on the material, we opt for steam or torpor cleaning. Both techniques ensure a gentle cleaning which makes them perfect for more delicate materials.

With steam cleaning, saturated steam is sprayed under pressure onto the façade surface. This is a gentle cleaning technique that preserves the patina of the materials. No high pressure and little water are used, so that the surface is not damaged.

Steam cleaning is the solution for: fungicide, ornamental plasters, faience tile cleaning (wall tiles), moss eradication, removal of chewing gum, roof deodorisation, soft façade cleaning, deodorisation and disinfection, façade deodorisation.

Torbo cleaning is a soft cleaning and works with air, water and granulate so that we get a gumming effect. It is ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. This makes it possible to clean facades without damaging the joints and is therefore cost-saving.
Torbo cleaning is mainly used for façades, furniture, metals, old bald layers (paint).

If you want to clean your roofs, façades, swimming pool, tiles, solar panels, glass in an environmentally friendly and efficient way (without waste), contact us now.

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