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Herstelling van instabiele bodem



Lifting floors is a special recovery technique. The structure is lifted by drilling holes in the plate and pumping polyurethane mixture under the plate. By compressing the subsoil, the structure is pushed upwards and brought to the desired height.


Deep foam injection

Deep foam injection is considered an upgrade to slab lifting. The technique is used to stabilize deeper subsoil, usually for homes, highways or sewers if the subsoil is poor. Deep foam injection is the process of injecting foam into the subsoil to increase the soil's bearing capacity. The foam compresses the surface and fills cavities. The foam can be inserted more than 4.5 m into the ground.

Soil binder

Soil binder is a low viscosity single component polyurethane designed to bind and stabilize loose soil. When the resin is pumped into the soil, it reacts with the moisture and expands to fill voids and form a watertight barrier.

Verhoging van verzakte vloer
milieuvriendelijke herstelling van verzakte vloeren

Benefits of deep foamjection

  • An upgrade to sub-surface concrete lifting

  • Repair unstable soils

  • Installing a stronger foundation to support and lift slabs and structures that settled

  • Foam follows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas

  • Fills fissures and ground voids

  • Fills voids holding water & displaces collected water

  • Increase load bearing capacity of subgrade

  • Permanent repair, foam never changes shape or absorbs ground water

  • Foam soaks into the weak soils and then expands, binding the soil and making it solid

  • Does not leach chemicals into the ground

grondstabilisatie van diepe gronden

Solid Soil offers a solution for this

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driveways, garage floors, pool decks, conservatory construction, house extension, garden house, pergolas, large structures, storage areas, roads, footpaths, train rails, seawalls

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Settlement cracks

soil that is overloaded or suddenly loaded (e.g. with new construction)

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floor slabs, foundations, seawalls, screw anchors, embankments (slope along a motorway, railway, dike, ...)

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Filling up

washouts and gaps

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